The Mysterious Shroud of Turin (in syntesis):

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The Shroud's photographies


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Way and chronology


Main  images that are found on the Shroud: legenda


An ulterior confirmation: it's not an image made by singeing


During the days from June 20th, 2002 to July 22nd, 2002, were taken away Shroud patches and also Holland lining sewed on its back




A Mark Guscin's book about The Oviedo Cloth -  El Sudario de Oviedo -  and The Shroud of Turin: "Il Mistero del Sudario di Oviedo", Edizioni L'Età dell'Acquario


A link to "Maria of Nazareth" Web Site which speaks about the "Handkerchief of the Veronica, in Rome": an interesting compare with the Shroud of Turin, by Jan Wilson


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The search on the Shroud begins

The experiments by carbon 14

What the Shroud's medieval forger (and cynic murderer) would have to know and would have to make