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Secondo Pia's camera: it's conserved in the Shroud Museum of Turin

In 1898, in opportunity of the marriage of the Prince Vittorio Emanuele, heir to the throne of Italy, a Shroud Ostension happens. Father Natale Noguier de Malijay, Salesian priest, would like  this Sheet is photographed the first time. He ask Baron Manno to obtain a royal permission, because this noble lives near the throne and he can convince the King Umberto to give his assent: the King is the  Shroud owner. The authorization is given, but, for reasons of shape, because the initiative does not appear official, the task is not entrusted to a professional photographer, but to a famous lawyer of  Turin, Mr Secondo Pia. This person is a friend of  Baron Manno and also president of a club of amateur photographers, let alone, personally, an optimal photographer; and, it's not a secondary fact, he is member of the commission for the Exposure of  Sacred Art that is kept in Turin in the same period of the Ostension.

The first photographic click happens on 25 May 1898, but this attempt of Mr Pia fails. On 28 May, he makes new photos, with the aid of an adjuvant of him, Mr Sartore, and of another amateur of the club, Lieutenant Fino. By his own machine, Father Maria Sanna Solaro takes other photos. After the development, this lawyer sees the negative of the image of the Shroud; this negative photo represents, in truth, a figure in positive (about, you may also read synthesis, page 1). Mr Pia begins to shake and nearly the slab falls to him. Anticlericals accuse him to have operated makes up, but the spreading of the providential photos of  Father Sanna Solaro, that, before, this priest had held for himself, removes the controversies.

In the year 1931, in order to conclude the public celebrations for the wedding of the future "King of May" Umberto II with Princess Mary Josť of  Belgium, a new Ostension of the Shroud is done. This time, a famous professional photographer, Giuseppe Enrie, receives the task to photograph the Shroud. He is helped from the still alive lawyer Mr Pia and from a Salesian, professor Tonelli. Many photos are made,  in inner and in exteriors: three of  the whole Shroud and nine of details, between which the Face of the Man. It is repeated totally, even better, what was already uncovered. Various doctors, for the first professor Pierre Barbet, by these photos, begin to take care of the Shroud. It is repeated totally, even better, what was already uncovered. Various doctors (professor Pierre Barbet is the first of them), by these photos, begin to take care of the Shroud. Prof. Barbet, observing the numerous hurts on the Shroud Man, asserts without doubt it's the image of a person flagellated and crucifix. He declares the inches are not lookable because automatically they have been refolded under the palm of the respective hands, for the lesion of the nerves caused from the nails planted in the wrists, nails that are passed into the anatomical "Space of Destot".

In 1969, during a recognition of the archbishop of  Turin cardinal Pellegrino in order to assess the state of the Shroud, it is the time of the color photograph. The professional photographer Giovanni Battista Judica Cordiglia is charged to click. He releases coloured photographs and photographs in white and black, of the entire figure and of its particulars: on ordinary light, infrared beams, ultraviolet, Wood's light.

In 1977, in Houston, John Jackson and Eric Jumper made three-dimensional elaborations, by computer. Realized independently in 1978, the best ones was made by Giovanni Tamburelli of Turin, in collaboration with Nello Balossino.

In other words, the interest of scientists in the Shroud of Turin has been due to the first photographs of Mr Pia.

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The Mysterious Shroud of Turin  - Synthesis


INDEX OF The Mysterious Shroud of Turin

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