© Guido Pagliarino



(The following translation from French into English was not made by myself, it was  by C Therese - Many thanks! )


Easter falls late this year,

Still engrossed in painful prayer,

Lent strikes at one's chest,

March, a remembrance of things past,

Of youth, when it first flew

To the expectant second age,

Reminders of those worrisome twenties,

That others define as the golden age.


Easter falls late for this heart today.

Nervous, a gale wind seeds

Horsechestnuts poked into the asphalt.

Today prayer is very difficult for me. Devout,

A medal of Our Lady, the Consoler,

Silently continues on my behalf,

To implore our Loved One.



(*) Itís not heresy or blasphemy: the sacramentals, crosses and medals, for Catholic believers, are not mascots or amulets. They are not adoration of the images! Medals and crosses are the testimonies of the wish to pray to God always, especially when the mind, for some reason, momentarily is distracted.